Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview with the creator of The Bookery

So I had the chance to interview Nora from the Bookery and was able to talk to her a little about her thought process.

Brendan Boots: So, go ahead and give me your name and your website.
Nora Yelekli: and full name is Nora Yelekli
Boots: So tell me about your website and what you do on there.
Yelekli: I review books, mostly young adult, with some adult books thrown in for an eclectic mix. Also I participate in memes to raise awareness for my blog, while gaining followers and popularity
Boots: How do you come about doing this website?
Yelekli: I regularly had my reviews posted on a friend’s blog, and when we had a falling out I created my own to keep reviewing books and blogging.
Boots: So how do you decide what to read and what to review? Is there an election process you do?
Yelekli: No, I read everything and anything excluding a few genres that I can tolerate at best.  Usually I read the latest books, based on other bloggers reviews, or I pick out a new book at a whim.
Boots: What is your reasoning behind the blog? What do you want to gain or do with it?
Yelekli: It is more of a hobby; I have no long term goals with it.  I would be reading with or without the blog, this helps put my thoughts into words and to get my opinion out there.
Boots: With your blog, do you receive anything special or anything to help sway your opinion of a book, whether good or bad.
Yelekli; The only thing that I receive, are copies of books in electronic formats, via the author or the publisher, these Advance reader copies also known as A.R.C. are given in trade for an honest review.  Other than that, I don’t receive anything.
Boots: Has one of these A.R.C’s received a poor review that made the author or publishers not want to give you sneak peeks anymore?
Yelekli:  Yes!
Boots: Really? How so?
Yelekli:  When you receive an A.R.C. it is common courtesy to respond with a link to your review. I never received a response and I was removed from the mailing list from that publisher. Though I believe this is unfair, I realize that negative publicity is not good for the publisher or author.
Boots: Is that the only time this has happened?
Yelekli: Yeah, that I know of/
Boots:  Is there anything you would like to say to people wanting to start a blog or review media?
Yelekli: It is a tough business; there are a lot of people reviewing the same thing. So you might not get noticed for a while.  Don’t be afraid to comment on others peoples work, whether it is good or bad.  Also be persistent, and don’t give up.
Boots: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview.
Yelekli: Your Welcome.

So why dont you head on over to and give her a follow. Thanks for your time.

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