Senses Fail - Renacer

  It has been a little of 3 years since the post-hardcore band from New Jersey released their last album The Fire.  In that time frame they have spent considerable amount of time refining their skills, and make a new album sound fresh and exciting.  Their new album "Renacer" which means "To be reborn" in Spanish is true to their word.  This album is new and the sounds fresh.  Clocking in at 42 minutes and 47 seconds, this album is one hell of a ride.  From Dan Trapp's beats on the drums, the sick sounds coming from Matt Smith and Zack Roach's guitars, to the amazingly powerful lyrics to Buddy Nielsen.  If you have enjoyed any of their songs in the past or you are a fan the genre in general, you will enjoy this album.  

Mi Amor

If you are interested in the album or the band, I have linked their single.  If you want to buy the album go right below this.

Senses Fail Renacer album

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