Alex Ross

           Ahh, I have been looking towards writing about this artist for some time now, not only because I believe he is one of the most famous of the comic industry, or because I wanted to learn to draw better like he does, but because of his ultra-realistic approach to comics and the heroes and villains he draws.  He has drawn almost every hero and villain out there and works for everyone.  He is not known to stick to own company and will draw for everyone just for the love and the craft of it.  I am going to talk about my top three favorite works by him and why you should care about them.
            Kingdom Come (1996) - During the 90’s DC comics was going through an identity crisis and they were doing everything possible to stay relevant and stay ahead of the comic industry, they killed off Superman, they broke Batman and brought a new one in, they killed the Flash and Green Lantern, they brought Superman back but made him electric based and two Supermen (red and blue).  They looked in Alex Ross and he thought of a new miniseries where he took the existing roster of the DC lineup and created his own universe where all the heroes where much older and seasoned.  Why this one worked so well was because of his art.  The ultra-realistic design showed the detail in each hero, Superman older with grey hair, Batman using an armored bat suit to keep him fighting.  It showed how much a toll fighting crime takes, and what happens when a new generation of heroes rises up and doesn’t have the same morals as the old generation.

            Captain America #600 (2009) – Alex Ross lent his art style and skills to this amazing issues of Marvel’s Captain America.  In this pivotal issues, it has been one year since the death of Steve Rogers when he was killed at the end of Marvel’s Civil War storyline.  Steve’s former partner and semi-enemy James “Bucky” Barnes aka the Winter Solider, takes over as a new Captain America.  He then starts to unravel a plot where maybe the original Captain isn’t dead.  His art helps lead this action thriller into new territory where everything isn’t as it seems and some friends are enemies and some enemies are friends. 

            JLA: Secret Origins (2002) – Another DC comic, I know what you are all thinking, “he is obsessed with DC, what do you have with Marvel?”  To answer your question, nothing!  This one takes all the classic heroes you know along with a few others and gives you all one shot stories about each characters secret origins.  Again this one is done in his art style and makes each hero look realistic and makes them look like it could be you or I.  Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

            There you have it.  Three great comics done by Alex Ross and three reasons why you should read them.  If there is anyone you would like me to talk about comment down below or email, tweet me at @BrendanB1990 or facebook me at The Gavel.


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