Album name: Long Live

Album Length: 47:03

Producer: Fred Archambault

Label: Spinefarm Records 

Genre: Metalcore

Where to buy: Amazon

The kings of Metalcore are back.  After 6 long years they are back with a brand new album that is rock what you know about them.  Hard hitting sounds and Alex's trademark screaming and growling are back in full force.  The band hasn’t sounded this great or powerful since 2004’s “The Curse”.  Gone are the softer sounds and songs along with Alex’s softer singing.  This album is full of growling and screaming that will make any Atreyu fans head pop.  Needless to say this is one album you will want to pick up and listen to over and over again. 
·       Amazing lyrics and vocals
·       Fast, hard hitting music
·       Great price for them coming back
·       Almost too short
·       One song doesn’t really fit
·       Not enough songs

Needless to say if you wanted a full return ala “The Curse” or even “Suicide Notes” this is it in full force and they should be extremely proud of themselves for creating one hell of an album.  If you are looking for softer sounds such as “Lead Sails and Paper Anchors” or even “Congregation of the Damned” then this is not the album for you.  The only song that doesn’t really fit in is “Do you know who you are” it just doesn’t match the rest of the album like the other songs do.

    This is a must buy album.  Especially if you are a fan of the genre or even just a fan of Atreyu, you’ll want this.


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