Monday, March 31, 2014

Interview with the creator of The Bookery

So I had the chance to interview Nora from the Bookery and was able to talk to her a little about her thought process.

Brendan Boots: So, go ahead and give me your name and your website.
Nora Yelekli: and full name is Nora Yelekli
Boots: So tell me about your website and what you do on there.
Yelekli: I review books, mostly young adult, with some adult books thrown in for an eclectic mix. Also I participate in memes to raise awareness for my blog, while gaining followers and popularity
Boots: How do you come about doing this website?
Yelekli: I regularly had my reviews posted on a friend’s blog, and when we had a falling out I created my own to keep reviewing books and blogging.
Boots: So how do you decide what to read and what to review? Is there an election process you do?
Yelekli: No, I read everything and anything excluding a few genres that I can tolerate at best.  Usually I read the latest books, based on other bloggers reviews, or I pick out a new book at a whim.
Boots: What is your reasoning behind the blog? What do you want to gain or do with it?
Yelekli: It is more of a hobby; I have no long term goals with it.  I would be reading with or without the blog, this helps put my thoughts into words and to get my opinion out there.
Boots: With your blog, do you receive anything special or anything to help sway your opinion of a book, whether good or bad.
Yelekli; The only thing that I receive, are copies of books in electronic formats, via the author or the publisher, these Advance reader copies also known as A.R.C. are given in trade for an honest review.  Other than that, I don’t receive anything.
Boots: Has one of these A.R.C’s received a poor review that made the author or publishers not want to give you sneak peeks anymore?
Yelekli:  Yes!
Boots: Really? How so?
Yelekli:  When you receive an A.R.C. it is common courtesy to respond with a link to your review. I never received a response and I was removed from the mailing list from that publisher. Though I believe this is unfair, I realize that negative publicity is not good for the publisher or author.
Boots: Is that the only time this has happened?
Yelekli: Yeah, that I know of/
Boots:  Is there anything you would like to say to people wanting to start a blog or review media?
Yelekli: It is a tough business; there are a lot of people reviewing the same thing. So you might not get noticed for a while.  Don’t be afraid to comment on others peoples work, whether it is good or bad.  Also be persistent, and don’t give up.
Boots: Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview.
Yelekli: Your Welcome.

So why dont you head on over to and give her a follow. Thanks for your time.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Deaths of Tao, By Wesley Chu

The Deaths of Tao
Author: Wesley Chu
Pages: 462
Publisher: Angry Robot       
Genre: Sci-Fi and Action
Buy The Deaths of Tao: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Well done Mr. Chu well done.  The sequel to The Lives of Tao, The Death of Tao, has outperformed its predecessor and was even better than the original by a factor of 100.  The book took the existing formula and took off flying with it all the while gaining new ground and making the situation you are reading about feel bleak and uncomfortable.  Where most sequels fall is it tries to take what made the first so magical and tries to copy it word for word and shot for shot.  This one takes the formula from the first one and adds new ground and makes the characters feel like real people.  Wesley Chu adds depth and fleshes out each person with more character and makes them believable.  This time around he gives an in depth look into the Genjix’ role in the conspiracy they are creating while you get to see more of the Prophus side working to stop the Genjix threat.  The book follows three characters and while doing so adds to the genre already established. One is your action and thriller section, the second is your political espionage and thriller, then the third is more of your behind the scenes to the other team.
·         New twists and turns around every corner
·         Fast paced and never dulls
·         Does not get the sophomore slump most sequels get
·         New CHARACTERS
·         Over too quickly once again
·         The wait until Jan 1, 2015 to get the new book
·         Some great characters are lost
·         Made me cry (Again!)

This book took me exactly two days to read because I could not put it down. Forget homework and a social life, this book was amazing.  There is a twist in the book that I never saw coming, when it happens it hit me in the face like a freight train.  The long and cold wait until January 1st 2015 will be a long time, also the day of the final book release.  Overall this book is amazing.  The settings and the people and the scope is just out of the park.  That good, so once again I give this book a BUY! not a skim or skip. It truly is that grand and makes me want the next one.  Hell, I will take a movie based off this as well.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Movies That Matter

So me being the movie man that I am have decided to do more of an opinion piece rather than a review today. So for today is something I have been thinking about for a while now. MOVIES THAT MATTER.  I will take 3 or my favorite genres and give you 3 movies per area that you should see at least once and why they matter. Also they are some of my all-time favorites

·         Blade Runner- I pick this as my number one science fiction movie for a few reasons. One, with this movie it gave way to large scale visual effects. Two, Ridley Scott took the existing source material and translated it into something that everyone could enjoy.  Three, this movie helped pave the way for the cyberpunk genre and made more people aware of it.
·         Pandorum- This one was a lesser known sci-fi flick that came out a few years ago but damn was it creepy and kept you guessing until the very end.  This one should be seen at least once and then it will make you think about your own sanity.  Dennis Quaid was amazing in this movie and it kept up the pace and tone until the very end. Check it out.
·         Dune (1984) - So this one might be a little of a tough sell to some of you. Think of it more as a Game of Thrones in space.  You have warring families all fighting over the same thing.  You have giant freaking worms that make the monsters from Tremors look like earthworms.  Frank Herbert created a whole universe and it spans generations. Check this movie out.  Not just that but the cast is phenomenal and it really pulls you in.

·         Lethal Weapon- This is one of my all-time favorite action movies, not just that but it is a classic buddy cop movie.  Danny Glover and Mel Gibson are perfect in their roles and they play off each other like real friends.  This movie has it all, explosions, nudity, language and action.  This is one movie I love watching with my dad because; if we were cops it would be just like this.
·         Mad Max- So, another Mel Gibson movie, what can I say, the man has some serious acting chops.  This one is more a post-apocalyptic action flick, but it is some good that I own the whole set of movies and whenever it is on TV, I stop what I’m doing just to watch it.  It helped pave the way for some of my favorite games as well in small subtle ways. (Fallout) in case you were wondering.
·         Raiders of the Lost Ark- Yes, you are sensing a theme here, as a married man, I have a small man crush on both Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson.  This is another movie that I drop everything I am working on or doing just to watch.  My dad and I would marathon all three of the Indiana Jones movies just because they are that amazing to watch.  For those wondering, the fourth one isn’t bad but I don’t consider it part of the original trilogy, just like Star Wars has two sets of trilogy. This movie just leaves me wanting to become an adventurer and travel the world and find rare artifacts and be a badass just like Mr. Jones.
·         Blazing Saddles- This movie has all the best quirks and lines to make you remember this movie for a long time. Mel Brooks took the classic western movie and butchered it in his own unique way and made something funny for everyone. Gene Wilder costars in this raunchy comedy where nothing is sacred and nothing is off limits.  They don’t care who they offend because that is the point.  I love this movie for so many reasons.
·         Robin Hood: Men in Tights- So, another Mel Brooks movie, he is a comedic genius, this one takes the classic Robin Hood  mythos and twists and perverts it in so many ways.  This movie is just so damn funny that the cast makes it work. Cary Elwes, Dave Chappelle in his film debut, and even Sir Patrick Stewart. They pull this movie together like no one’s business and make it funny for so many more reasons.
·         The Princess Bride- Another Cary Elwes movie, but this one is more of a romantic comedy but still loads of fun. This movie has so many redeeming qualities that make it fun for the whole family.  From Andre the Giant, Cary Elwes, and Mandy Patinkin, this movie will have you in stiches and make you cry from joy and make you feel good in the long run.

So now for the Honorable mentions
·         Any James Bond movie
·         Jurassic Park series
·         Any Superman film
·         Any Batman film
·         Multiple Mel Brooks movies
·         Dawn of the Dead because I love zombies.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

The Lives of Tao
Author: Wesley Chu
Pages: 456
Publisher: Angry Robot       
Genre: Sci-Fi and Action
Buy The Lives of Tao:  Amazon , Barnes & Noble
Oh boy, where to start with this book. Unexpected, hilarious, downright witty and made me tear up.  The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu is the story of out of shape IT worker Roen Tan who unwillingly becomes the new host of an ancient alien race known as the Prophus.  Something along the lines of Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets The Matrix; Tao the alien who lives within Roen teaches him how to be a solider, spy, and leader in a war that he never knew existed. While Roen learns to deal with his new guest, and Tao learns to live with his host, they are caught up in the war against the warring faction known as the Genjix.  It is smart and funny. Very easy to follow and provides a nice mental image of the conflict and characters. 
·         Great pacing and fun to read
·         Great for Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, James Bond fans
·         Has some romance and comedy aspects but very well done
·         Amazing depth of characters, never fells shallow or cliché
·         Some scenes are unnecessary
·         Never gives you time to breath
·         Over too quickly
·         Some characters are just lost quickly
Over all, it was amazing, for a book that is damn near 500 pages I couldn’t put it down.  Had I not had school or work I would’ve read the book in a day.  3 days to read the book and now I am waiting for the sequel to show up in the mail.  This is one story that hooks you from the first page and just goes from there.  When I say it doesn’t give you time to breath, it is a nonstop ride.  Just when you think it is going to go downhill towards the end, it doesn’t.  The book is one constant uphill ride that when it does go downhill, it ends, but in a good way. 
This one is a definite BUY, do not skip it, or skim the review. Buy it.