The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

The Lives of Tao
Author: Wesley Chu
Pages: 456
Publisher: Angry Robot       
Genre: Sci-Fi and Action
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Oh boy, where to start with this book. Unexpected, hilarious, downright witty and made me tear up.  The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu is the story of out of shape IT worker Roen Tan who unwillingly becomes the new host of an ancient alien race known as the Prophus.  Something along the lines of Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets The Matrix; Tao the alien who lives within Roen teaches him how to be a solider, spy, and leader in a war that he never knew existed. While Roen learns to deal with his new guest, and Tao learns to live with his host, they are caught up in the war against the warring faction known as the Genjix.  It is smart and funny. Very easy to follow and provides a nice mental image of the conflict and characters. 
·         Great pacing and fun to read
·         Great for Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, James Bond fans
·         Has some romance and comedy aspects but very well done
·         Amazing depth of characters, never fells shallow or cliché
·         Some scenes are unnecessary
·         Never gives you time to breath
·         Over too quickly
·         Some characters are just lost quickly
Over all, it was amazing, for a book that is damn near 500 pages I couldn’t put it down.  Had I not had school or work I would’ve read the book in a day.  3 days to read the book and now I am waiting for the sequel to show up in the mail.  This is one story that hooks you from the first page and just goes from there.  When I say it doesn’t give you time to breath, it is a nonstop ride.  Just when you think it is going to go downhill towards the end, it doesn’t.  The book is one constant uphill ride that when it does go downhill, it ends, but in a good way. 
This one is a definite BUY, do not skip it, or skim the review. Buy it.


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