The Deaths of Tao, By Wesley Chu

The Deaths of Tao
Author: Wesley Chu
Pages: 462
Publisher: Angry Robot       
Genre: Sci-Fi and Action
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Well done Mr. Chu well done.  The sequel to The Lives of Tao, The Death of Tao, has outperformed its predecessor and was even better than the original by a factor of 100.  The book took the existing formula and took off flying with it all the while gaining new ground and making the situation you are reading about feel bleak and uncomfortable.  Where most sequels fall is it tries to take what made the first so magical and tries to copy it word for word and shot for shot.  This one takes the formula from the first one and adds new ground and makes the characters feel like real people.  Wesley Chu adds depth and fleshes out each person with more character and makes them believable.  This time around he gives an in depth look into the Genjix’ role in the conspiracy they are creating while you get to see more of the Prophus side working to stop the Genjix threat.  The book follows three characters and while doing so adds to the genre already established. One is your action and thriller section, the second is your political espionage and thriller, then the third is more of your behind the scenes to the other team.
·         New twists and turns around every corner
·         Fast paced and never dulls
·         Does not get the sophomore slump most sequels get
·         New CHARACTERS
·         Over too quickly once again
·         The wait until Jan 1, 2015 to get the new book
·         Some great characters are lost
·         Made me cry (Again!)

This book took me exactly two days to read because I could not put it down. Forget homework and a social life, this book was amazing.  There is a twist in the book that I never saw coming, when it happens it hit me in the face like a freight train.  The long and cold wait until January 1st 2015 will be a long time, also the day of the final book release.  Overall this book is amazing.  The settings and the people and the scope is just out of the park.  That good, so once again I give this book a BUY! not a skim or skip. It truly is that grand and makes me want the next one.  Hell, I will take a movie based off this as well.


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