The Writers!

            I wanted to switch gears a little bit today because for the past week all I have done is talk about the artists of the great comic books we read and enjoy.  The thing is though, without a great writer the comic is nothing more than a fancy art book.  I want to keep this one very focused and on track so I want to talk about my top 3 writers for comic books and why you should check out at least one of their comics at some point in time.

            Brian K Vaughn – He might not have a very recognizable name but he is one of the top writing talents in the comic book world.  He wrote the very successful Y: The Last Man, Young Justice, X-Men, and is currently working on a new comic called Saga.  He has been around the comic industry ballpark and has worked for DC and Marvel before switching gears and heading over to Image where he has complete control over what he does.  His current comic out right now is more of a science fiction comic where it is Star Wars meets Game of Thrones.  Without his writing style and the moral conflicts he puts into his stories, they would be nothing more than general run of the mill genre filler.  His also wrote for the TV show Lost and is currently writing for the new show Under the Dome.

            Geoff Johns – Right now Mr. Johns is one of the biggest writers at DC comics due to his popularity on the Green Lantern run he did for a couple of years.  He has been so successful with his runs in the comic market that he was promoted to a new position created at DC comics just for him.  He is also an avid screen writer and has written episodes for the current TV show Arrow and he even wrote a few episodes for Smallville.  Right now he is currently writing a line of Superman comics after his 20 issue run of Green Lantern. 

            Todd McFarlane – He is very well known in the comic industry not only for the creation of Spawn, but his legendary run of Spiderman from the late 80’s until the very early 90s.  During his run of Spiderman, he the one credited for bringing Venom into the Marvel fray and because of his story work, he makes it so you sympathize with the villains in some small way. 

            Those are my picks for my favorite writers and why you should care or even just check out some of their work.  Tomorrow is a big day and I hope you are all prepared for it is going to be a blast. Only 75 years in the making.  Until the next time.


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