The Age of Comic Books

            Comics, we all love them and some of us have even heard of them, but when was the last time you sat down and truly thought about them and their origins.  How they came about and what was the first one.  When did you think about the writers from each comic, to the artists, even the overarching narrative they strive to tell? We all have found ourselves at one point trying to get into a comic or even just reading it without much knowledge about it. That is where I plan on taking you all, down this little rabbit hole of comics and the people behind it.

Each comic book has its own following, whether you care about the person, the story, the artist, or even the writer and company.  The special thing about them is no matter what angle you look at them, you in your own right will find something redeeming about the comic in question. . Comic books have been around since the 1930s with the introduction of Famous Funnies.

Across the board you have your all-time favorite writers for your favorite comics, whether that writer is Dan DiDio, Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Scott Snyder or even Geoff Johns.  You know at least two people on that small list right there and by the end of this week you will know every writer up there and every artist that I talk about such as Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Jack Kirby, and Bob Kane.  These group of people are responsible for making your comic great and for leading the industry in the work they do to provide you with your entertainment.

So for the next week strap yourself in and enjoy the ride as we go over some the greatest artists in their fields to the writers that make your comic enjoyable.  Different story arcs that every comic reader has to read in their life time even if you don’t care about that comic or hero.  How these small time comics gather mainstream appeal and show up on your TV or in the Cinemas.  Enjoy the ride and remember, if you have questions, email me or comment down below and ill answer anything you want.


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