The Jim Lee List

                So I want to continue yesterday’s topic about Jim Lee and talk about some of the major comics his art was used in.  These comics are some of my favorite and others are ones that have a cult following.  These are in no order of favoritism and there is no bias at all towards one company or another.  They all have their own merits and that is what I am going to be talking about.  So without further ado, the list of the top 4 comics by Jim Lee.

            Batman: Hush – This one features some of the most beautiful art and some of the best writing for the Batman character while it also introduces a new villain that can match Batman’s wits while also making The Dark Knight scramble to save everyone he knows.  The art in this graphic novel is some of the best art to ever grace the comic industry.

            Justice League New 52 – This one is another strong comic that you can see runs very well on its own and that is because of the art.  While the writing is superb in this comic, it is really the art that stands out and make the biggest impact.  Mr. Lee’s style has been perfected and this is the way superheroes and villains should look and you can see he takes the time to give each person realistic emotions and does not overdo each person’s body types.

            Uncanny X-Men #248 – The very first time that Jim Lee has drawn for such a huge comic with an even bigger fan base.  Because of his work on this issue, he was given the Lead artist spot on the new re launch of X-Men in 1991 which became known as X-Men volume 2.  His art work and even some of his writing style lead this comic to being inducted in the Guinness Book of World Records for becoming the bestselling comic of all time.

            Spider-Man #10 – Some of his even earlier work, he was not credited on the front cover of this comic because marvel believed they were taking a huge risk on him and they did want to jeopardize such a huge comic.  He was a co-penclier at the time, his work has greatly improved since then and has made him a Co-Publisher of DC Comics.

            Once again, these are some of the comics that I think everyone should check out just so they can see how much his art has improved and how he is helping to shape the comic industry one pencil stroke at a time.


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